Common questions about Crow

Q1 Why don't  you do something against the  crows who  scattering the  garbage every where and it made miserable to you in all the times?
Q2 In the early morning sleeping become impossible due to crow stopping at nearby electric post and on the roof, why don't you  take some measure to avoid the noise?
Q3 Did you find thousands of crows stopping on the near by tree, when evening comes the tree become black, several thousand of feathers are near the tree moreover excrement spread to the near places?.
Q4 Whenever people  passes, in May,(the crow's child care time,so it become more violent) along nearby park, a crow comes over the people's head and  attacking, eventually people got afried, did you ever face like this situation?
Q5 In front of the station, in the middle of attending school, from a telegraph post and a signboard, people might become under the excrement attack of crow, did you ever had such experience?
Q6 Why so many crows are everywhere, who are natural enemy of crow, why they can't do any thing?
Q7 Crows are increasing steadly, how many eggs do they really produce?



Only self-protective defense


It is not something wrong from crow, it must be considered how human-being disposing the garbage and how he  keeping the garbage box,just throw away the waste foods with out thinking any consequences, which turns into foods freely,moreover, it become a food cycle that's reason why crows are increasing in the city part. The present condition completely same as pigeons,here simple our  trash box(rubbish box)measure commodity is suitable, ,considerably the result of suing our product is not giving self-support and food to crows freely.




A2. You think why it is coming, is there some purpose? but anyhow the crow plays well  so it stop on trees and other objects.  


1. A feeding area is located in near. A very wise crow which knows the time of a kitchen garbage collection , in such a case our trash box is measure.


2. Early in the morning and in the evening the place which cow gathers,


3. Crow comes daytime, but current step there is nothing to do.


For the above 2 situation , we developed new tool called "Surprise-shock CCC", it is effective dominance in RF section ,ridge section ,roof section.



A3. A Life cycle of a crow in one year


March - June:
The breeding season is once per year. A nest is made on a branch of tree, then child-care, by this time crow become most violent, it think any thing approaching to nest as an enemy. Please keep in mind not to approach.


Children become independent .A group is made only from children and it plays together. In night all together sleep on tree etc. but in summer time the sleeping place is divided by the small group.


November- March:
Children also grow up. it collects a lot of feathers for the winter , the place which close to the nest is have chance to more feathers.


The measure against crow


1. Only your self.


In the various damages, it looks like same matter is whether chicken is first or egg, we believe the crow also have right to live in the nature,The most complaints from human being like selfishness, actually human dislike the crows.


2.By each other


The dispose waste and garbage by individually, so let's do something inorder to keep self-supporting


3 In Every Place


People who feel a certain stress only do countermeasure and it may cope with it individually, the whole area does not tackle it, I think it is better do some measure considering an overall measure regionally.It looks impossible but the report shows that  some airport carried out countermeasure in considerable range to put cap on trash box after that number damage cases are cut to half.




Now subject to think the balance, with out  thinking to pay higher cost ,our latest product "surprise stock" self-protective defensive.



A4.There is nest is near by the park and parent is taking care the baby  they are very violent at this time so if they misunderstand it may get hurt by their sharp bill nails, never try to do anything y your self ,but you have better to ask help from  the park managements.




A5. Probably there must be a feeding place near there or the disposal for garbage is done in open place ,or somebody is giving food to crow etc. we can't find the countermeasure except the feedign places,




A6. At present, due to the huge number of crows, it may be invincible!, it is  darely to say about enemy of crows, they are motor-cycle,trains, airplanes and human-beings, therefore the effort that human-being can do is try to returns the crow to wild, the only waepon.




A7. Even the crow incresed in numbers like this, at one birth they only produce 2-3 eggs. The life of crows seems  to be very long.



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